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More About FLO

“Empowered girls and women can move mountains and redesign their lives for the better of the whole community around them.”


FLO's Mission

FLO aims to not only empower participants but provide essential life skills. Essentially, we are a community of learning and support through; individual coaching, group mentoring and life skill workshops.


Here, you will find your space for growth. Unlock the amazing possibilities of this world’s growing generation through the values of community and guidance.

FLO's Vision & Community Values

FLO’s vision is to create empowered girls and women for the better of the community and their self-development.

A strong sense of community has proven to be critical due to its valuable social connection and sense of belonging. Participating in a community bonded by attitudes,values, and goals is an essential ingredient towards enjoying a fulfilling life. 

Here at FLO learn the:

  • Conscientious pursuit of compassion

  • Respect for the rights, differences, and dignity of others

  • Honesty and integrity in dealing with all members of the community

  • Accountability for personal behavior

  • Importance of empowering yourself and others

  • Value of self-esteem

  • Support towards mental health

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